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The Code for Empowered Healing

Posted by Heart's Discovery on September 2, 2019 at 1:00 PM

Healing is about becoming whole balanced and being your true self in the world. It is a hard thing to do when how we perceive ourselves, is so biased by the social norms and culture of the people around us.

Then to top it off there are so many gurus telling us what we need to do to be healthy. They tell us what to do, how to act, how to think and that they have a special formula, secret or are experts we need to follow.

Yet we are our own experts and the way to healing is not beyond our reach, understanding or pocketbooks. When you boil down most of  the theories and teachings, the core message is the same. At the core is a Code for Empowered Healing to raise and naturalize your vibration.

The foundation for raising your vibration is good nutrition, clean air, being surrounded by good energy and loving supportive people. An attitude of being open to learning, being conscious of your mind's activities and being in touch with your soul self is key.

A solid foundation is what we build upon to heal ourselves and others by raising our vibration and our resonance with each other and with nature. Resonance is a common vibration where things move in unison so when something “resonates” with you, you understand and feel something in common with it.

The more we resonate with our true nature, others and the natural world around us the more balanced we become. We can tune our bodies with Qigong, tapping the meridians and acupressure points, deep breathing, body positions/movement and by using sound frequencies. Sounds that are in tune with nature will help get the wrinkles out of our own energy bodies.

Energy is the message sent by vibrational frequencies that communicates with us in profound ways. It allows us to sense things that we can't understand with our minds. It can tell our cells to heal themselves or cause us to affect and be affected by the energy beings around us.

Our mind is not who we are and we need to be aware that our mind is a tool that we need to command. Mindful meditation, journalling, positive affirmations and increasing our knowledge in the areas of energy healing, our own medical conditions, our symptoms (messages from our bodies) as well as using crystals, aromatherapy and colors, can help us take back any unhealthy wanderings of the mind.

Raising your vibration is the key. Knowing you are spirit expressed in a human body form, helps us to stay in touch with our soul self. Being in nature and being aware of our emotions helps us to keep in touch with that spirit. Forgiveness, releasing strong emotions, finding things to be grateful for, accepting difficulties as life-lessons and seeing others as your-other-self, builds compassion and connection to your heart.

The heart is the biggest energy center of the body that grows when you are think about the needs of others and/or are connected to your higher power, God and/or the universe. That energy radiates from your hands and allows you to heal yourself and others using visualizations, constructing detailed intentions and using modalities like Therapeutic Touch or Reiki (for example).

When body, mind and spirit, on a good solid foundation, are tuned to the higher frequencies, the healing power we possess is tremendous. It goes beyond time and space and can touch others and create ripples that can heal the world. That is the Code to Empowered Healing and the way you do that is your own path. You are your own expert.

Remembering and Knowing What to be Grateful For

Posted by Heart's Discovery on November 11, 2018 at 10:10 AM

It is November 11, 2018 at 11:00am. We did not go to the Cenotaph this day but all the same my thoughts are focused on what this moment is all about. It is a time to think about those who cared about doing whatever needed to be done to ensure that we could live in the kind of democracy that we choose to live in. Some ultimately giving up their entire future life on earth. To that end it is imperative that those of us who remain witness to those sacrificed lives, take the baton and continue to protect those ideals that those folks died for. To do less would be a dishonour to them. I am both proud of the contributions they and others have and continue to make and feel sad that many of us could be doing better.

Those who died in service to their country gave that ultimate sacrifice but that should not overshadow the continuum of daily sacrifices that are currently being made by surviving veterans, active duty service men and women and their families. These folks continue tho make sacrifices that are often not recognized as they suffer with nightmares from horrific experiences, emotional trauma, relationship issues from long absences on duty, not seeing children grow up, not being there for the other spouse who is facing the home-front alone, mental health issues, financial issues, physical injuries and disabilities and lack of caring and acceptance from society as they struggle to assimilate with civilian culture. The list is long as these folks suffer in silence and often face uncaring neighbours, families, individuals and government officials who have no appreciation for what has been sacrificed or why they should be grateful.

Just imagine what our country would look like if good men and women did nothing and allowed evil to flourish unchallenged. This does not only happen in war but on many fronts in society and in subtle ways in our daily lives. Evil has many faces from bullying to discrimination to abuses of power by officials to denying the rights or not taking care of the vulnerable in our society, for example. We have to speak up always if we want to truly honour this day. Just look what is happening to the south of us. That could be us.


Posted by Heart's Discovery on June 24, 2018 at 11:30 AM

A Conundrum: A Perplexing Problem with no clear solution.

Perplexing Problem:

Why would a kind and gentle person, with a good and pure heart, who spends their days helping others, be viciously attacked and accused of vile crimes, again and again in every chapter of their life?'

Is it Karma?

They must have a karmic debt and done something for which they have to make amends from a previous life. Or a genetic debt carried by others in the persons family.

Is it Law of Attraction?

The person is in denial. Their heart is not not pure but filled with anger, hate and revenge and judgment. They attract the negative drama of people who resonate with their own pain.

Is it Yin-Yang Balancing?

This is inevitable. Everything needs to be balanced. The sky is darkest just before dawn. The greater the good and the light, the greater attraction of the negative and dark.

Is it Spiritual Maturity?

This is wrong perspective. Nothing is bad. Nobody can take away your peace unless you let them. See this as a an opportunity to dig deep and rely on source. Be the change and change the world.

Or is it Something Else?

What if the Accuser, demons and minions are not mythological? What if the one who is known to rule by deceit, disguised as good, was using people to cause this person to lose heart and give up?

The Conundrum:

Who would believe that evil beings exist? The truth has been lost in fake news, there is so much confusion where good is bad and bad is good, we empathize with “likeable” evil characters in movies, quantum physics tells us evil is just energy, popular spiritual culture promises that “you too can experience abundance, peace and happiness” with personal spiritual work and the messages of traditional religious teachings are just folklore. If evil beings are actively working on earth: how do we warn people about the cover-ups (listed above); that they need to find their armour, put it on and fight; that the spiritual journey is NOT pretty, NOT glamorous and you WILL suffer greatly; and that the attacks may come from those closest to you. This is not the news people want to hear but even though I beleive in the other options listed above, this too I know is true.


IS this person (mentioned above) supposed to believe that their suffering is because of Karma, their own negativity, nature's need for balance or their lack of personal spiritual development? Given the options above, No absolutely not! This is the Accuser's campaign to take out a formidable competitor who is helping others. This person is well-grounded enough to know, from many years of practice of having to don their armour repeatedly, that the extreme attacks of wrongful accusations, custody and temporary imprisonment, are a sign they are doing something right!


If you too are being attacked, hold your head high. Do not accept the accusations of others or your own mind. You are specially created and greatly loved just as you are. There is no need to despair because the Light of the World, the Deliverer understands (been there /done that), is there for you, has already won the war, and has legions of powerful angels and saints as backup waiting to help. Just ask.

Hope Beyond "Trumpism"

Posted by Heart's Discovery on January 1, 2018 at 7:00 PM

“Trumpism” is uncovering, in a big way, what is wrong in the world. For too long we have “propped-up” a world of “false and superficial” peace that denies the existence of the darkness. W­e have all collectively played a role in this. The true face of humanity is not the beautiful picture we paint to possibly delude or absolve our consciences of the need for action. To bring about balance, we need to love and listen to the messengers who are expressing their pain. We need to allow the painful words to move us towards introspection of what is dark in us. Like yin and yang, we are both dark and light and the two must be in balance. “True” peace cannot come until all things are reconciled. This applies to both our internal life and our exterior world. In darkness we are negative, paralyzed and asleep. In light we are positive, active and awake. While darkness is growing, at its darkest hour, it will always flow back again towards increasing light. This is the nature of yin and yang. This is also our guarantee of hope.

Now is the Time to Awake.

Posted by Heart's Discovery on March 1, 2017 at 10:55 AM

Signs of spring and the lengthening daylight are telling us it is time. It is time to awaken from the cold, hibernation, introspection and protectionism, and some aspects of fear, that represent the Winter-Water Element in traditional medicine.


We need to ready our hearts and souls for change. We need to begin or continue to question the norms, customs, expectations and beliefs that others impose on us. It is not easy to be who you really are. It is especially hard to break away from the constraints family and friends put on us, to be who they think we are, and should be.


We each have the power to change the world. We are not only inextricably connected to our physical environment as science outlines in quantum physics, but we are also one with the invisible consciousness of the universe. Therefore our thoughts and actions not only affect our own health but, the well being of others and how the future is manifested.


This is not such a huge burden, as it seems. If we look to how young children cope, we can re-learn how to be present, take each moment as it comes, be and do, what feels right in the moment. As long as we keep our hearts and minds free from bad thoughts and intentions, we can be assured, that our actions and words will flow from the best intentions. As a human being, that is the best we can do.


As adults who are awake, we feel hated and misunderstood. Some wonder if they were conceived on the wrong planet. You are the light that will guide the world and expose the darkness for what it is. You are needed now more than ever. You are not alone. Find your people.


If you are struggling, healing modalities that use a holistic (physical, emotional & spiritual) approach will help. Physical blockages can cause emotional and spiritual blockages and visa versa. Pain, for example, can be simple trauma or a multi-layered issue. Taking care of one-self not only allows us to be free-er, but our “vibes” will help heal those around us that we love, even when they don’t want to hear our opinions or accept what we believe :)


Thanksgiving & Gratitude

Posted by Heart's Discovery on October 7, 2016 at 5:10 PM

The sunflower is such a happy flower. It is almost looks like it is smiling. It helps me remember to be thankful as I look out at this wonderful plant from my office desk.

The state of gratitude is such a calming state of mind and is a wonderful place from which to view the world. It has the power of drawing goodness to itself and creating more reasons to be thankful. Gratitude not only benefits those at which it is directed but also enriches the one who generates it.

Autumn is the time of the metal element and the corresponding organ systems are the lungs and large intestines. These represent what comes into our lives and what needs to be eliminated. The colour is white and represents purity and righteousness. The emotion paired with this element is grief and our sense of self-worth.

Just as the trees let go of their leaves, so we too need to acknowledge our losses and let them go as we prepare for a new chapter in our lives. Like the earth we all undergo a transformation that is perfectly designed. Allow yourself to look at nature as a mirror and see that, you too, are beautiful. Know that just as this season celebrates its accomplishments in brilliant colours, you too can find a reason to smile.

This is a good time to quiet our minds from external noise and feel our bodies connected to the earth so we can sense our true self. It is then that we can best feel the peace of gratitude envelope us not just at Thanksgiving, but everyday.

The Secret to Longevity

Posted by Heart's Discovery on June 2, 2016 at 5:45 PM

Time goes by so fast when you are busy. I wonder therefore if you age more quickly when you have a lot going on? I wonder if a person could stay younger, longer by slowing down and living more simply?


According to the “Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine (The Neijing)”, there were four types of ancient peoples that existed on earth, a long time ago, that lived very long lives and did not display the usual signs of aging. The Immortals lived the longest, followed by the Sages, then the Achieved Beings and lastly the Naturalists who lived to over one hundred years.


The secret of their longevity was that they “…lived simply…and close to nature…to prevent pathogens from invading”. They got their energy from nature and lived in harmony with the environment, seasons, sun, moon and stars. They preserved their life force by adapting to society without adopting or getting pulled in to popular, thinking, cultural norms, emotional drama, excessive living, ambitions or desires.


These folks were able to heal themselves. When they got sick they “…guided properly the emotions and spirit and re-directed the energy flow…to heal the condition”. If this did not work, they used herbs and herb-wines. Finally if a condition worsened, an accurate diagnosis with acupuncture and moxibustion, were used as an intervention to regain health and balance.


As a result of living simply, these folks also had remarkable abilities. They were able to travel freely outside the conventional view of time and space. They could see and hear far beyond what was considered normal. They were focused, accomplished much and kept a clear mind by integrating the mental, physical and spiritual with exercise, meditation, eating a balanced diet, at regular times and maintaining a pure conscience.


In Chinese medicine our life force or “Jing” and health is compromised by a weak constitution, emotional extremes, extremes in our external environment, overwork, inactivity as well as how, what and when you eat. This book (written approximately 2500 years ago) states “These days” people’s lifestyles have become detrimental to their health and they only live to fifty years of more. I believe this same statement is true today.


If we simplified our busy lives, got back to nature and focused more on what is most important to us, we would live longer and healthier lives. I am not so sure we would acquire supernatural abilities but we would probably find more joy and happiness.

Emotions - the Good and the Bad

Posted by Heart's Discovery on April 3, 2016 at 9:55 PM


Tonight I watched Extreme Makeover on TV. I like decorating shows and in this episode, a family in need were gifted a new home. How wonderful! Earlier I had been sitting out on the deck listening to loons and feeling peaceful and calm. Now that had changed. I cried my eyes out. I found myself feeling weepy and reflecting on more difficult times in my own past.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a measure of the ability to “manage” our emotions in a way that produces beneficial behaviour and optimal choices in decisions making. It consists of four abilities: identifying how others feel; using emotion to assist the thinking process; understanding the root cause of the emotion; and being able to manage the emotions.


Those with high EQ know what they are feeling, have good emotional self-control, are able to think clearly when experiencing strong emotions and are able to make decisions based on their hearts and not just their heads. This makes them better able to get in touch with their passions and find a path in life that is fulfilling.


Suppressing emotions makes it harder to find our life path. It can also make us sick. Our life force needs to be flowing appropriately for us to be healthy. Just as blockages in the flow of Qi from trauma can cause pain, extremes in emotions affect the flow of Qi causing Qi and blood stagnation, heat, dampness and phlegm. These patterns that can produce a long list of physiological imbalances and physical symptoms. For example:

  • Anger and guilt causes Liver Qi to rise creating symptoms such as headaches, high blood pressure, reproductive issues, vision loss and others issues such as depression and insomnia
  • Worry and pensiveness knot the Spleen/Stomach Qi resulting in possible digestive issues, weak muscles, fatigue, easy bruising, bleeding, varicose veins and other issues
  • Sadness and grief dissolve Lung Qi. This weakens the lungs and our immunity and can bring on respiratory issues, skin conditions and make us more vulnerable to colds and flu.
  • Shock and fear causes Kidney Qi to descend and dissolve. This along with overwork can cause weakened fertility, bladder problems, hearing loss, per-mature grey hair, sore knees and back
  • All emotions slow down the Heart Qi which houses the mind (cognition) and the Shen (the ruler of the Spirit). This may create anxiety and mood swings between happy, sad with insomnia

If you find yourself feeling strong emotions, get in touch with what you are feeling. Don't get busy doing “stuff” so you don't have to think about it. Don't blame someone else for feeling the way you do. Often we only see the shadow of the cause of our emotional imbalance when we see it reflected in someone else. Use the emotion as fishing line to see what else may be swimming around in the depths of your unconscious. Only you can allow yourself to feel the way you do.


Also our health can affect our emotions. The physcial, spiritual and mental aspects our our being are all connected. When you don't eat, get enough sleep or suffer from acute or chronic disease combined with the need to take drugs, these things can have an affect on our emotional balance.


The heart that is the governor. Our mind is just a tool and is not who we are. When we quiet our minds from the noise of our thoughts and emotions. When we feel our bodies connected to the earth and everything around us. When we connect to our interior self, sense the bigger picture and feel gratitude for what the universe brings us. It is then that we can know who we are. It is then that we can sense the things that inspire passion in us and are the markers that guide us in the direction of our true purpose.

Time to Celebrate

Posted by Heart's Discovery on October 31, 2015 at 10:10 AM

The colours of the leaves, in this part of the world, are glorious this time of year. The weather alternates between cool, warm, calm and wind signifying change is upon us. Fall is the Metal Element. Its colour is white. It governs our lungs and large intestines and it affects the skin, nose, water passages, mucous membranes, respiration and voice. The emotions associated with fall are grief and letting go.


Instead of slipping into sadness and regret, now is the time to be mindful of our blessings and take inventory of everything that has been accomplished. Like the full Hunter Moon we just experienced, everything has come to fruition, has bloomed, grown and produced its fruit. It is time to let go and celebrate. The landscape is a testament to that as it visually gives praise to the earth and its people for a job well done.


As we reflect and analyze, in the coming months, we are better able to see what can be improved or what was missed. Clarity grows like the ever-increasing crispness in the air as we examine our learnings, observations, acknowledgments and wonderment. Like the hardwood trees that shed their leaves, we have the opportunity to shed the things that no longer serve us. That gives us room for change.


As we travel inward over the fall and into the winter months, we need to rest and nourish ourselves. It is time for pungent, savoury, spicy and warming foods; socks to warm our feet; and scarves to protect our neck from wind. We need to restock our reserves so we will be eager and ready to embark on the next chapter of our journey with enthusiasm and hope as we edge toward the path of our true calling.


An Ode to My Father

Posted by Heart's Discovery on June 24, 2015 at 8:25 AM


I miss my father still even though he passed away a long time ago. He was from the older generation where children were "meant to be seen and not heard" as he would say. He also did not allow anyone to talk about "politics, money, sex or religion" because that is what they did in the Navy. He also told me to "never rock the boat". As a result, our house was very quiet.


My father never backed down from a problem and when things were not working out he just used some "ingenuity" to see it through. Every job or task not matter how small had to be done properly. He was all about "whatever you do, do well" and "always do the right thing".


My father never said much but I knew he always approved of me and was proud of me. He told me I “could be anything I wanted to”. I just had to work hard. My father was my cheerleader and fan club all rolled together in his own quiet way. Sometimes he would remind me "you know you come from royalty, never forget that". A puzzling statement because my father never boasted but it made me feel proud.


I had lived a sheltered childhood and youth. I knew nothing about "politics, money, sex or religion". It wasn't until my 6th year of university that I knew about sexism. At the age of 26 I was shocked when I encountered it. "I can't do what...because I am a woman! You have got to be kidding!” That was just the beginning of the huge awakening and learning curve called life, where I made all sorts of uniformed choices that wrecked havoc but taught me so much.


My father shaped my life and inspired me to always be a good student, a lifelong learner and to never give up in the pursuit of my dreams. I have always been self-confident to the extent of naivety. As a result I feel I have accomplished things that, if I had given it more examination, I would not have attempted and would have listen to the nay-sayers that said it couldn't be done.


I have fought long and hard every step of the way and have won. I even learned (a bit of rebellion in me) to "always rock the boat" when it is the "right thing to do" that has carried me through every rough spot in life. I have my father to thank for making my life wonderful and rich. He gave the best gift anyone could give a child, a healthy sense of "self-worth" and an over the top "self-confidence” that is badly needed in a world that is not kind or fair, especially for women.


Spring has Sprung but Have You?

Posted by Heart's Discovery on May 24, 2015 at 10:55 AM

Spring is the time of the wood element. For all of us the excitement mounts as the weather gets warmer and we can look forward to getting outside more. People, who are constitutionally “wood” types, like to be busy and will be especially anxious to break free of the confines of the winter cocoon to pioneer their new adventure. These folks will have well developed plans, be focused and ready to adapt and conquer any obstacle to obtain their goals.


The wood element corresponds to the liver and gallbladder, is east, the wind, green, shouting, angry, courage, tastes sour, controls the sinews and tendons, opens to the eyes and manifests in the nails. If balanced, you will feel supple, resilient and able to move like a tree, when the winds of change blow. You will be clear about what you are doing, what you want to accomplish and why. You will have energy, will power and determination sitting firmly in your circle.


If unbalanced, you may find yourself experiencing headaches, red, itchy or watery eyes, stiff tendons, reproductive problems, PMS or dream disturbed sleep. Mentally you may lose motivation, feel stuck, loose sight of the vision, and feel irritable and angry when things don’t go exactly as planned. The gallbladder is paired with the liver and if this is also unbalanced, you may feel more timid and indecisive than usual.


Now is the time, we are supposed to spring forth with renewed energy, however we should look to nature for our queues. It was a long winter and when we were meant to be resting and conserving our resources, we were instead shovelling snow. It is now the middle of May, the mayflowers have just recently bloomed, the buds on the trees have just transformed to small leaflets and even some crocuses are behind schedule.


The Spring of 2015 is in slow motion here in Nova Scotia. It would be prudent to relax a bit and gather your energy before tackling those big projects this season. Continue to dress warmly, keep a scarf around your neck as protection from the wind and hold off on overdoing the salads, cool drinks and fast cooked BBQ foods, for a bit. Continue to nourish yourself with immune boosting herbs and the slower cooked warming stews until you feel you are ready.


The Dead of Winter

Posted by Heart's Discovery on February 19, 2015 at 8:25 AM


It is really hard to stay upbeat when the news reports are warning us of another storm and more shovelling. Where to put it all…? Our leisure activities and travel has been reduced and that leaves us a lot of time to think about things.


That is not a bad thing really. Winter is all about going inward, hibernating in a way and conserving our energy. We can think about what we are doing in our lives and review where we really want to be. This is the real beginning of the year for us as we contemplate goals, dreams and desires. The pure white landscape and sparkle of sunlight reminds us of purity and gives us a blank canvass for a fresh start.


The day length has been getting longer ever since before Christmas and that gives us hope. This reminds us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you dress really warm and take a moment to look up from the shovelling, smell the freshness the new snow brings and remember that snow brings healing power to the earth.


The snow insulates our gardens and plants from extreme temperature fluctuations, provides needed moisture and nourishes the soil with nitrogen from the atmosphere. It also protects many small creatures and their access to food sources in the winter. Look carefully after a fresh snow and you will see many tracks left by wildlife that you may not even know live around you.


While you practice patience in this quiet time, pamper your health by eating warming cooked and nutritious foods. Use warming spices and reduce the damp forming foods like dairy, milk and fats. Keep your neck, feet and lower back warm to prevent the cold and damp from settling in. Curl up by a heat source and take time to rejuvenate your whole self in body, mind and spirit.


When Earth Transitions to Metal

Posted by Heart's Discovery on October 3, 2014 at 10:05 PM

We have just entered our decent into fall-autumn where the glory of the summer warmth hangs suspended in our memories. Late summer is the peak time of the earth element when the colours of the landscape show up in many variations of yellow (the colour of the earth element) and the harvest is ready.


Late summer is a time of peace and of abundance. Just as the dense earth nourishes and roots the trees, so too do the organs of the spleen and stomach nourish and root us. These organs are the earth element in us and they are responsible for transforming and transporting our food to nourish us with “post heaven qi”. The earth is our center of gravity in both our interior and exterior, that allows us to move and change through life without losing balance.


People with a predominantly earth archetype are the peacemakers and those we call the “salt of the earth” as they establish, sustain and nurture relationships. They are those people in our lives that keep families and communities together. They are sensitive and reactive to the needs of others and embody sympathy, caring and friendship.


Fall-autumn is the time of year for the metal element where we will witness nature at its most brilliant self as the trees let go of their leafy mantle and engulfed us in piles of vibrant leaves. The organ systems that correspond to the metal element are the lung and large intestine. These represent what comes into our lives and what needs to be eliminated. The emotion paired with this element is grief. Just as the trees let go of their leaves, so we too need to acknowledge our losses and let them go as we prepare for a new chapter in our lives.


People with a predominantly metal archetype like order; they value the finer things in life and find inspiration in what is right. They are guided by courage and the conviction of their principles. The colour of this element is white and represents purity. The lung rules the “wei qi” that is the defensive energy that protects us at the skin level. The metal people in our lives also protect us and watch over us and keep us on the “straight and narrow” path in life.


So as the shadows grow longer, the water takes on the sheen of mercury (metal) and we notice the freshness of the air at dawn and dusk, we will need to pay more attention to what we eat, what we wear and what we think. This season can bring more stomach and lung issues and we can become pensive, worried or sad. Now is the time to eat regular meals, warm nutritious soups, stews, herbs to boost immunity, don socks and scarves to keep us warm and stay positive. It helps to be grateful for everything no matter how small.

This is Earth Time

Posted by Heart's Discovery on September 20, 2014 at 10:05 PM

We have arrived at the time of year where we are suspended between summer and our decent into fall where the glory of summer hangs in suspension. This is the peak time of the Earth element when the colours of the landscape have started to yellow (the colour of the earth element) and the harvest is ready. The shadows grow longer and the water takes on the sheen of mercury as we notice the freshness of the air at dawn and dusk.


This is a time of peace and of abundance. Just as the dense earth nourishes and roots the trees, so too do the organs of the Spleen and Stomach nourish and root us. These organs are the earth element in us and they are responsible for transforming and transporting our food to nourish us with “post heaven qi”. The Earth is our center of gravity in both our interior and exterior, that allows us to move and change through life without losing balance.


People with a predominate Earth archetype are the peacemakers and those we call the “salt of the earth” as they establish, sustain and nurture relationships. They are those people in our lives that keep families and communities together. They are sensitive and reactive to the needs of others, sometimes to the point of neglecting their own needs or becoming overly concerned with themselves if they become unbalanced. The Earth person embodies sympathy, caring and friendship.


This is the time of year that we will have more issues with the Spleen/Stomach and it becomes easier for Earth to become unbalanced. Paired with our recent super-moon in Pisces, we will need to watch how, what and when we eat to keep emotions of worry, obsessive thinking and self-doubt in check. The power of Earth comes from the ability to link up with others and sustain a good balance between personal relationships, alone time and building community.


Do not feel sad that summer is ending. This is a glorious time. Enjoy and be grateful for the Earthy folks in our lives!


Wake up and see the Weeds

Posted by Heart's Discovery on July 21, 2014 at 9:50 AM

We live in paradise and each of us has carved out our own unique, unconventional homesteads dotted in every nook and cranny along the shore. People from town are sometimes uncomfortable at first as they travel along our roads. They see big houses, small ones, bright and many colors, additions in odd configurations, lavish and humble, all mixed together.


Today while mowing my lawn, I became increasingly uncomfortable as I saw how I was decapitating the tops of the lovely little chickweed flowers, bluets, purple self-heal, tall yellow hawkweed, violets and other unnamed little plants that I have yet to identify. My lawn is really a closet meadow, very little actual grass… I was mowing because I was conforming to the expectation that my lawn be uniform, green, neat and short.


I then realized why I love my home, why I want to be here and that I don’t have to mow if I don’t want to. Nature in all its randomness is so much more beautiful than any landscape or structure we try to create. Our randomness and attempts to fit in with what just naturally grows around us is what I think, part of what it means to live on the shore.


Conformity, sameness and bland is what the world expects, wants and is comfortable with. The trend in the populated areas is houses on streets with restrictive covenants to ensure some level of sameness. Gardens are organized and planned to have colour splashes, height and textures in just the right spots. Lawns are uniform, green and “weeded” so only the chosen plants grow.


I love the randomness of our collection of homes, yard structures, escaped gardens, wildflowers n the sides of the roads, chicken coups, sheds of all kinds, garages without a roof, boats, the many known and secret beaches and the wild meadows. This randomness is the secret sauce that makes us interesting (we are rebels you see…;) and mirrors nature. If you live here a long time, you sometimes stop seeing and get too preoccupied to notice the beautiful surroundings.


Did you know that a small drop of water in a lupin leaf looks exactly like a diamond? This small gem would have gone un-noticed if I had not been paying attention and taken a picture of it. I almost missed it. And, I am not mowing again this season. Sorry neighbours, but I have a whole meadow of healing herbs that I want to explore before the summer is over.


What to eat? Looking Back in Time for Perspective

Posted by Heart's Discovery on April 28, 2014 at 10:10 PM

There is so much confusion and conflicting reports about what we need to eat to be healthy that many people are saying, “I don’t know what to eat anymore.” My thought is that surely someone smart enough to stick the human race on this planet, would be smart enough to give us the resources to survive and thrive.


The discussion about the latest and greatest super food and arch villain of the edible world, is almost as popular as the weather. (Almost) Everyone talks about it and people have become very polarized in their beliefs about food. What to eat and what you believe about nutrition runs as deep and is as sensitive a topic as religion, in some circles.


I believe I have found what I was looking for. The answer lies in looking to our past. Our ancestors grew their own food, ate the animals they raised or hunted and lived off the land. According to studies looking back at all the historical data, our parents, parents, parents, did not have the same levels of health issues we have today with diabetes, obesity, infertility, heart disease,autoimmune disorders, depression, anxiety etc. Also they did not have shorter life spans, as some people would have us believe.


According to some emerging and controversial experts, we are essentially malnourished because of what we eat in our modern diets. There is much science looking back at large amounts of data and trends pointing to the importance of the traditional diet. This makes so much sense to me and I believe this is the common sense we forgot. Every food below under ``Do Eat``contains vital substances that our bodies need to grow, develop, repair and thrive.


Here is a summary of what I am learning about our traditional diets that we need to adopt to be healthy. If you have heard older folks say “eat everything in moderation” this sums up some of what we should do, with a few exceptions under caution below:


Do Eat:


Fermented foods (sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt,kombucha, pickles (no vinegar); Seaweed; Organ meats; Grass fed beef; Free range eggs; Cod liver oil, fish eggs; Fish, salmon, herring; Lots of vegetables with fat; Esp. cooked green vegetables, kale, broccoli; cabbage family, cauliflower, turnip; onion family leeks, onions; Mushrooms; Brightly coloured vegetables,Soup stocks, bone broth; Whole milk; Whole eggs, Butter, lard/bacon fat, coconut oil, pure olive oil; Fruits in season; Berries; A variety of foods, all food groups; Real, natural food (as close to the source as possible)




Restrict sugar; Restrict carbohydrates; No artificial sweeteners; Must ferment or sprout grains, nuts, and seeds; No processed oils; Good quality fats (toxins are stored in fats, know your sources); No processed foods; No soda drinks; No distilled water; No soy products; Do not restrict fat; Do not remove food groups with restrictive diets

A New Twist on Spring Cleaning

Posted by Heart's Discovery on March 20, 2014 at 10:15 PM

Do you ever find yourself drawn to a particular book on your bookshelf or at a bookstore? I came in the house the other night to find that the cats had knocked one of my books, out of the bookshelf, and into the middle of the living room floor. I took this as a sign that perhaps there was something in this book I was supposed to read.


Today I finally opened the book. It was called: “Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui”, by Karen Kingston. I have lots of Feng Shui books and “clearing your clutter” is elementary step one. I didn’t need help with this so I never bothered to read it. The first page I opened at Chapter 21 had a little tick mark on it (a used book). It said:


“Clearing Spiritual Clutter:…the whole of the book has been about this…(it) obscures our vision…hinders uson our path. Each of us has a life purpose…Clearing clutter in all forms allows our original purpose…to re-surface…to clear the debris that prevents us from connecting with our Higher Self.”


I was surprised. I did a little speed-reading from the back towards the front until I got to some familiar ground. Not only is it important to keep your house tidy so good energy can circulate, we need to keep our bodies, our mind, our thoughts, our relationships, our consciences and our intentions tidy. This book put a whole new meaning on the term “Spring Cleaning”. There was definitely a message there for me (thank you kitties). So here is what I gleaned from what I read:


Adopting healthy eating habits that can give you that perfect bowel movement helps with physical clutter in our bodies.

Writing To Do lists and tying up the loose ends of tasks, gives us “uptime” to focus on the important things, and clears up mental clutter.

Examining why everything in your home has ducks or cats on it, or why you can’t throw out something you don’t need or use, could help identify blockages, or unmet needs, to clear emotional clutter.

Accepting others for who they are and stopping the judging, criticizing, worrying, gossiping and mental chatter that, makes us unhappy, clears psychological clutter.

Seeking relationships that uplift us and forgiving others, recovers the lost bits of our spirit, making us more complete and clears spiritual clutter.

Expecting goods things, being grateful and trusting we will be cared for, makes it so, by clearing clutter from our connection to the universe, higher power.


So as the snow melts, days start to get longer and you wearout the pages on that seed catalogue, don’t forget to plan for a little extra “Spring-Cleaning” this year. Getting rid of the clutter in the closets and under the bed can facilitate that deeper “de-cluttering” we could all benefit from.

Enjoy the Now

Posted by Heart's Discovery on January 3, 2014 at 9:20 PM

Just this morning I was woke up with a knocking sound on the wall. My big orange cat was pawing at the TV, bumping it against the wall and making the noise that tells me the food bowl is empty. He knows that signal gets me up in big hurry.


Then as soon as I got up, my little dog was very keen on going outside right away to “explore”. I was immediately faced with a cool blast of fresh clean air to shake off the grogginess and noticed the wonderland of beautiful snow covered trees.


Ahhh. These little critters know how to bring you out of your head and your thoughts into the now. Because of my furry family members, my day now promises to be much more productive and I am able to enjoy the sun coming in the side window, that I would have missed, if I had slept longer.


Pets and children have a gift for bringing us back into the present and helping us to enjoy life’s moments that we may have missed otherwise. This is important because the present is the only thing we can count on. There is nothing we can do about the past and even if we do everything right, there is no guarantee the future will unfold as planned. The present is all we have.


The present is the place where we make good memories, do good things, help others and engage in relationships. The present time is also the place where we care for ourselves, take care of our health and heal. You may have had taken good care of yourself in the past and plan to get back to taking better care of yourself in the future but only doing it now, will do you any good.


People who are present and there for us, can have a profound impact on our lives. Over the years, I have met a few people who were really gifted in that regard. Even though our paths only crossed for a moment, there was a connection and somehow I was changed and made better by the encounter. I will never forget them.


The greatest gift we can give another person is a package of time in the present moment where we actively listen to, hear and see the other person, even if it is just conversation over a cup of tea.


So as we move into the New Year, my resolution is to be more aware that when the cats walk across my keyboard, I am the one who has strayed and it is time to take a break and enjoy the now.


Posted by Heart's Discovery on December 24, 2013 at 4:35 PM

This has been a period of many changes. (In retrospect this was a period of GREAT and MANY changes from 2010 to 2013:

1. I was finishing up my 3 year training program in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. In 2009, my children had put me on a dating site without asking my permission. I was not happy about that. I loved my contented solitary life. However I was learning in Chinese medicine that it was not good to be alone, so I stayed on that horrid dating site. I didn't enjoy 99% of the interactions, tried to keep my profile "real" as to attract maybe the right person. On April 29, 2010, I agreed to meet someone. He had good writing skills and a sense of humour. I approached it like a business meeting but was surprised how much I enjoyed myself. We had a great connection, so much so that I re-examined my vow to never re-marry and married him on July 1, 2010. It was a surprise wedding for our families. It was originally planned as just a BBQ. That event created a whole lot of excitement and it is now a annual event for us.

On July 1, 2011, I celebrated my 1st anniversary of my marriage to a wonderful person. We have seen people move out, made changes to the house and property, changed careers, have persevered and won battles with health and neighbours. I am awaiting the birth of my 1st granddaughter and I have gained a whole new family with 3 great step grand-kids. The little non-humans in our household have held up well with all this change. They especially love their new "papa" because he is so good to us.

2. Renovations. We did many to the "cottage". New doors, new plumbing to repair the old and moved the entire system deep in the ground under the old cottage and up into the new section. Now we did not have to worry about freezing pipes and with the new wall under the front, we had more protection from the north winds. We did go the entire summer of 2011 and into the fall without any running water. We spent a lot of time in the lake...Good thing I love to swim. We built the clinic in the 2 rooms formerly occupied by children, friends and my mother. My mother moved in with me in 2009 and I covered up all the wonderful murals painted by the teenagers. I added a door with a separate entry and a deck on the northwest side for her to sit. After she left, we then changed the rooms again by joining them with a door to make a larger clinic. We finished up the renos with an expansion of the bedroom and creation of the laundry room in the old "cottage" section.

3. All my children ended up in Alberta. My mother who had moved in moved out again. In 2011, the house was left to just my husband and I. My first grand-daughter was born on August 15, 2011 in Calgary. What a wonderful child that has brought so much joy to my life. Even better my daughter and her finance moved home from Calgary in 2012. We have a big wedding coming up August 1, 2014 that will prove to be a great event AND in addition to a new step son, another grand-baby on the way!

4. I opened my Acupuncture Business the last week of September 2011, called Eastern Shore Holistic Acupuncture. The newly found empty spaces in our home was a perfect spot for my clinic. There were lots of renovations needed to create a parking area. We built a garage and as a result took down a small forest of trees separating the house from the road. I really hated to take down the trees and really struggled with that decision. The positive result is that my husband is very happy with the garage and there is more sunlight. Now I can have gardens again!

5. My husband was diagnosed with a serious illness in 2010, just 3 months after we were married. After surgery, radical western treatment, supported by my Chinese medicine, homemade tea and acupuncture, he healed. It was a year long battle of treatment and recovery that we have now been able to put behind us. With good health and a bright future ahead, we took the shock of the year's events, to create a bucket list "just in case". So we just did one more renovation needed for the clinic; stairs down the hill for better safety in the winter. Now our focus is back to the bucket list. The cottage will remain as is and we spend our time between garage, clinic and family.

6. March 29, 2013, my son got married in BC and resides with his wife, my new step-daughter in Calgary. The wedding was a wonder event in the mountains still draped in snow at that time. I am so blessed with an even further expanding family and it makes me so happy to see my children doing well and making their way in the world with jobs, homes, pets and children of their own.)

Getting Ready for Winter

Posted by Heart's Discovery on November 13, 2013 at 9:25 PM

I like this time of year. The air is so fresh and clean. Soon we will enjoy the silence of snow. Summer and fall are loud months. Voices carry on the wind, on the water and people are always outside laughing, talking and being busy. Have you ever noticed how much snow insulates and buffers out noise and sounds? If you are a “water element” like myself, you will look forward to the quiet, slower pace of winter.


Winter is a time of hibernation, contemplation, introspection, getting in touch with our passions and dreaming. In Chinese medicine, winter is correlated to water, dark blue, black, willpower and potential. Like a seed we “go underground”. The emotion of water is fear, the sound is groaning and the organs affected are bladder and kidneys. The kidneys “open to the ears”, support bones, influence hair growth, lay the foundation for reproduction and fertility and are the source of our life force.


The ancient sages, in the medicine I practice, tell us to live in harmony with nature and the patterns of the seasons. Winter is the season to conserve energy, heal, recuperate, regenerate and rest. Even though we have electricity to extend our ability to stay up and work late, it is a good idea to go to bed earlier, sleep a little longer and rest more. It is important, especially as winter approaches, to protect our kidneys by keeping our lower back warm and eating foods to support kidney health.


The foods we need to consider for winter include salty and bitter flavours. These support the kidneys or “water energy” because they promote a sinking, centering quality. Bitter foods include endive, watercress, turnip, celery, asparagus, alfalfa, rye, oats, quinoa, amaranth and citrus peels. Bitter herbs include chicory root, dandelion root and burdock root. Salty foods include, miso, soya sauce, seaweeds, salt, millet and barley. Use these foods in warm hearty soups with warm spices like black pepper, ginger, cinnamon and onion. Include warming meats like pork or shellfish, eggs, small dark beans and steamed/cooked greens and vegetables. Also cook foods longer, at lower temperatures with less water.


It is OK to put on the odd pound or two, but keep mobile to keep from getting stiff. A gentle movement therapy like my Five Element Dance is good way to do that. Avoid fasting, strict low calorie diets, lots of cold raw food and cleanses in the upcoming cold months. It is also a good idea to reduce the intensity of any rigorous exercise regimes until spring.


If you want to burst forth in spring with aspirations of good health and lots of energy, this is the time to lay the foundation for that to happen. Now is a good time to come see me for a diagnosis and suggestions to improve any imbalances. You can always book a free consult and see sample of my dance at www.holisticacupuncture.ca.

Happy Holidays Everyone!