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To Mow or Not to Mow, that is the Question

Posted by Heart's Discovery on May 3, 2013 at 4:55 PM

Today while mowing my lawn, I became increasingly uncomfortable as I saw how I was decapitating the tops of the lovely little chickweed flowers, bluets, purple self-heal, tall yellow hawkweed, violets, wood sorrel and other unnamed little plants that I have yet to identify. My lawn is really a closet meadow, very little actual grass… I was mowing because I was caving to the expectation that my lawn be green, neat and short.


Conformity, sameness and bland is what the world expects, wants and is comfortable with. The trend in the populated areas is houses on streets with restrictive covenants to ensure some level of sameness. Gardens organized and planned to have colour splashes, height and textures in just the right spots. Lawns that are uniform green and “weeded” so only the chosen plants grow.


Then I thought about what I love about my home and why I want to be here. We live in paradise. Each of us has carved out our own unique, unconventional homesteads dotted in every nook and cranny along the shore. I love our collection of non-matching homes, yard structures, escaped gardens, wild roses on the sides of the roads, chicken coups, sheds of all kinds, garages without a roof, beached boats and old cars in fields on blocks.


People from town are sometimes uncomfortable at first as they travel along our roads. They find it unsettling to see big houses, small ones, bright and many colours, additions in odd configurations, lavish and humble, all mixed together. Could this randomness be a reflection of who we are? Rebels against conformity?


Did you know that a small drop of water in a lupin leaf looks exactly like a diamond? This small gem would have gone un-noticed if I had not been paying attention and asked my husband to take a picture of it. I almost missed it. Nature in all its randomness is so much more beautiful than any landscape or structure we try to create.


So I have come to a decision. I don’t have to mow if I don’t want to. I am vowing to not mow again this season. Sorry neighbours, but I have a whole meadow of healing herbs that I want to explore before the summer is over. I am going to try and stay strong… Power to the beauty of the shore and the freedom to live among the wild flowers!



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