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This is Earth Time

Posted by Heart's Discovery on September 20, 2014 at 10:05 PM

We have arrived at the time of year where we are suspended between summer and our decent into fall where the glory of summer hangs in suspension. This is the peak time of the Earth element when the colours of the landscape have started to yellow (the colour of the earth element) and the harvest is ready. The shadows grow longer and the water takes on the sheen of mercury as we notice the freshness of the air at dawn and dusk.


This is a time of peace and of abundance. Just as the dense earth nourishes and roots the trees, so too do the organs of the Spleen and Stomach nourish and root us. These organs are the earth element in us and they are responsible for transforming and transporting our food to nourish us with “post heaven qi”. The Earth is our center of gravity in both our interior and exterior, that allows us to move and change through life without losing balance.


People with a predominate Earth archetype are the peacemakers and those we call the “salt of the earth” as they establish, sustain and nurture relationships. They are those people in our lives that keep families and communities together. They are sensitive and reactive to the needs of others, sometimes to the point of neglecting their own needs or becoming overly concerned with themselves if they become unbalanced. The Earth person embodies sympathy, caring and friendship.


This is the time of year that we will have more issues with the Spleen/Stomach and it becomes easier for Earth to become unbalanced. Paired with our recent super-moon in Pisces, we will need to watch how, what and when we eat to keep emotions of worry, obsessive thinking and self-doubt in check. The power of Earth comes from the ability to link up with others and sustain a good balance between personal relationships, alone time and building community.


Do not feel sad that summer is ending. This is a glorious time. Enjoy and be grateful for the Earthy folks in our lives!


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