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A New Twist on Spring Cleaning

Posted by Heart's Discovery on March 20, 2014 at 10:15 PM

Do you ever find yourself drawn to a particular book on your bookshelf or at a bookstore? I came in the house the other night to find that the cats had knocked one of my books, out of the bookshelf, and into the middle of the living room floor. I took this as a sign that perhaps there was something in this book I was supposed to read.


Today I finally opened the book. It was called: “Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui”, by Karen Kingston. I have lots of Feng Shui books and “clearing your clutter” is elementary step one. I didn’t need help with this so I never bothered to read it. The first page I opened at Chapter 21 had a little tick mark on it (a used book). It said:


“Clearing Spiritual Clutter:…the whole of the book has been about this…(it) obscures our vision…hinders uson our path. Each of us has a life purpose…Clearing clutter in all forms allows our original purpose…to re-surface…to clear the debris that prevents us from connecting with our Higher Self.”


I was surprised. I did a little speed-reading from the back towards the front until I got to some familiar ground. Not only is it important to keep your house tidy so good energy can circulate, we need to keep our bodies, our mind, our thoughts, our relationships, our consciences and our intentions tidy. This book put a whole new meaning on the term “Spring Cleaning”. There was definitely a message there for me (thank you kitties). So here is what I gleaned from what I read:


Adopting healthy eating habits that can give you that perfect bowel movement helps with physical clutter in our bodies.

Writing To Do lists and tying up the loose ends of tasks, gives us “uptime” to focus on the important things, and clears up mental clutter.

Examining why everything in your home has ducks or cats on it, or why you can’t throw out something you don’t need or use, could help identify blockages, or unmet needs, to clear emotional clutter.

Accepting others for who they are and stopping the judging, criticizing, worrying, gossiping and mental chatter that, makes us unhappy, clears psychological clutter.

Seeking relationships that uplift us and forgiving others, recovers the lost bits of our spirit, making us more complete and clears spiritual clutter.

Expecting goods things, being grateful and trusting we will be cared for, makes it so, by clearing clutter from our connection to the universe, higher power.


So as the snow melts, days start to get longer and you wearout the pages on that seed catalogue, don’t forget to plan for a little extra “Spring-Cleaning” this year. Getting rid of the clutter in the closets and under the bed can facilitate that deeper “de-cluttering” we could all benefit from.

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