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Wind and Water Part 4

Posted by Heart's Discovery on April 20, 2013 at 11:00 PM

As mundane as this area might seem, the bathroom is worth mentioning again because you want good energy to enter, linger and flow nicely through your home. A badly placed toilet (such as one close to the main door) can cause your good fortune to go directly down the toilet. I like to keep the door closed; the toilet lid down and a silk plant next to the toilet, shielding it from the door, no matter where the bathroom is located in the house. Making it as spa like, enjoyable and pleasant as possible is good for this area.


The most important area for enhancing wealth and prosperity is in the Southeast area of the home. This area is related to both Wind and Wood and the colour is green. It represents academics, achievements, creativity and morals. It is good to add healthy plants and flowing water (perhaps a water fountain) to keep prosperity moving towards you. You want things made of wood, accents of green or purple or vibrant artwork of trees or flowers.


The East also represents Wood but instead of Wind it is Thunder. This is the area that influences family and is about planning, vision, courage and life direction. Green colours and wood items also enhance the energy in this area, but accents in blue are recommended because this area is supported by water. This is a good place to put happy pictures of family members. Improving this area can enhance family dynamics in a positive way.


The West and Northwest areas are also about people. The West area is Metal/Lake while NW is Metal/Heaven. The West is about creativity, children, self-worth, righteousness, letting go and grief. The NW is about helpful people/spirits, authority and respect. Metal objects and the colours gold, silver and white benefit both areas, while I would add black accents to the NW area. The West would be a great place to put children’s art work and the NW would be a good place for religious pictures or pictures of people who have helped or inspired you.


In the end, you need to love the changes you make to your living space and it needs to be practical. The furniture should be spaced so there is a good flow without blocking movement or sight lines. Other tips: The bed should have a good headboard, not directly facing a door or a mirror, or placed so your head is under a window, on the same wall as a toilet or where you can see a toilet. The desk in your office should not cause you to have your back to the door and be placed at the far from the entry, with the seat facing towards the door…of course you need a big enough space to do this.


It is not possible to do everything. Just change a little at a time, do what you can and have fun with it. It is about balance. To get a summary chart of what I presented over the past few weeks, request it at http [:/] /www.acupuncturenovascotia.ca/apps/contactme/sites/show. You can also sign up for my newsletter on many health topics, at http [:/] /eepurl.com/xAlgz. Next time I want to discuss enhancing your life with scents.

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