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Wind and Water Part 3

Posted by Heart's Discovery on March 24, 2013 at 11:05 PM

There are a few different schools of Feng Shui (Wind Water) to optimize good energy and good fortune. The modern methods divide up areas of your home using the front door as point 0. The older more traditional methods divide the nine areas of the house by compass direction.


Each area of the house has unique qualities and is believed to affect specific areas of your life. Readings can get complicated because each area has a specific relationship with the others. The key is to have good balance and good flow throughout the house. However if one area is weak, it can throw the balance off. It is easiest to just enhance all areas equally.


For example the area in the North, represents the element water. In the modern model this is also point 0 and corresponds to the main formal entrance of your home. This is the area of career and success. In terms of health it affects kidney, bones, hair, ears and is about restoration, philosophy, fear and wisdom. To enhance this area, install a healthy plant, water fountain or something representing gentle or slow moving water. The colours for this area would include accessories in dark blue or black.


The opposite side of the house (South) is fire and affects fame, reputation and future wealth. It is about propriety, joy, relationship and affects the heart, tongue, blood vessels and complexion. This area can be enhanced with a tall healthy plant (no dead or dried plants), objects representing recognition and fire, a light source (tall lamp) and red, orange, yellow or green accents. A red candle is good in this area.


The centre of the house represents Earth, health, well-being, integrity, sympathy, self-care, the intellect and affects the spleen, muscles, mouth and lips. The North-East and South-West areas are also earth elements and are also enhanced by accents in yellow, brown and beige (earth tones). However NE is also the mountain and is about knowledge and wisdom. Books, items in deep blue or green and spiritual representations are also good. SW is the love and relationship area. It affects fertility and is enhanced by pink, red, white and peach colours. Items representing marriage (union), photos of happy couples or items representing love are appropriate here.


In general, other things you need to look for are areas of clutter, sharp corners, ceiling beams or low sloping ceilings. These features can negatively affect the energy causing it to stagnate, become too sharp or oppressive. Steep stairs and long hallways can also cause the energy to speed up. These deterrents can be improved through placement of furniture, plants, use of mirrors, crystals and wind chimes, for example.


The bathroom is another area that needs attention. Energy can be flushed away or lost down the sink and can influence a draining of financial resources. I will discuss this, the other four areas of the house, and more pitfalls and fixes, next time.

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