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Wind and Water Part 2

Posted by Heart's Discovery on February 20, 2013 at 10:10 PM

This title is very appropriate for the weather we have had over the last week! “Wind Water”, however, is the English translation of “Feng Shui”, the practice of positioning our man made world in balance with the natural world, to maximize good energy and good fortune. We could all use a bit of that.


The front of the house is deemed where the formal entrance is and where most of us have large windows and the living area. Having a house sitting with its back on a gentle slope is ideal with the slope behind the house a little higher. If you are in a residential area, a building behind you, can act as a “mountain” to offer a sense of protection. Small slopes (or other buildings or trees) on either side of the house are also beneficial. Ideal positioning of a house is like sitting in an armchair.


If you find yourself facing a street coming towards you (at the end of a dead-end, T intersection or a corner lot), or if you have busy traffic (along straight stretch of a highway for example), you may want to buffer that with a small fence or hedge of trees. Being in close proximity to a hospital, church, fire station, cemetery, police station etc., may also present an overwhelming influx of energies (positive and negative), so you will want to buffer yourself from these, as well.


If you are at the top of a hill, on a steep incline, overlooking a cliff or right at the edge of the ocean, the view is great but it may be too much of a good thing. There is so much energy coming at you that you may have trouble sleeping. It is like always being “on watch” (sleeping with one eye open). As long as you can close the curtains and shut off the view or retreat from the view, you should find refuge.


Once you are inside your house, the walls are your mountains. There are 9 areas of your house that reflect areas of your life. If you improve the energy in each of these areas, you can improve specific aspect of your life (Wealth, Love, Fame, Family, Creativity, Health, Wisdom or Career). The “fixes” to enhance each of these areas should fit your tastes and does not have to use accessories from Chinese culture. When I started, my husband was afraid I would “Feng Shui” him right out the door, with all his stuff sent to the workshop. That didn’t happen, but I did organize his office area.


The center of this house is the “Health and Well-being” area. This area correlates to the Earth element and you want this area to be vibrant, healthy and grounded. Living green plants (with rounded, not sharp leaves), stone or pottery accents and colours with yellows or browns are good. Some recommend pictures of the earth, stars or sunrise, vegetables or fruit.


The other 8 areas depend on what school of Feng Shui you adopt. Some schools use special compasses, stars, numerology etc. while other modern practices focus on everything in relationship to your front door. I will use a combination, so for next issue, a compass reading to determine what direction your front door faces, will be beneficial.

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