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Wind and Water Part 1

Posted by Heart's Discovery on January 18, 2013 at 10:15 PM

We have lots of wind and water in Nova Scotia, especially here on the Eastern Shore. We are blessed. In Chinese “Wind Water” translates to “Feng Shui”. This is an ancient practise of positioning homes and designing structures, to ensure good energy and proper flow of energy. Originally this was used in the placement of gravesites to bring prosperity to families by honouring their ancestors.


Have you ever walked to an area or been inside a home that just feels good. Sometimes you can’t explain it. Lakes, ocean views, lush forests with rolling hills are a pleasant sight for most of us. (Unless you still have painful memories of raking those fall leaves). There is a reason for that. Living things create good vibrant energy and life force.


The practice of Feng Shui has evolved from different philosophies and schools and is believed to bring good fortune. Good luck depends on good people, good timing as well as good energy. I practice Feng Shui because feeling good about my surroundings is important to me and it fits with the Chinese medicine I practice.


As an acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, I help people balance the energy in their bodies to promote healing. However, external energy in our environment and in our relationships also affects our health. Have you ever felt depressed when your house gets cluttered and messy? This is because the energy gets stagnant and affects how we feel (Plus we know there is a ton of work waiting for us and it drags us away from what we really want to do).


Ultimately we want to bring fresh air and lots of light in to our homes. We want the good energy to come in and linger there with a nice flow throughout the house. Being clutter free is important as is the layout, design and decorating, placement of the house, and the geographic features of the land surrounding it.


If you are purchasing a new house, getting a Feng Shui reading could be beneficial. I recommend it. A house with land sloping upward behind it and sloping downwards in the front is good. Look for lush vegetation and water in the front would be ideal. However, most of us however are stuck with what we already have. Do not despair.


There are tons of ways to improve the energy and work with what you have. Getting rid of clutter is the first thing you need to do. The rest can be done with proper placement of furniture, accessories and colours. You do not need to spend lots of money. Over the next several issues, I will impart more information, share some tips and ideas and describe some of my own adventures with Feng Shui to help you enjoy your home more.

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