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The Dead of Winter

Posted by Heart's Discovery on February 19, 2015 at 8:25 AM


It is really hard to stay upbeat when the news reports are warning us of another storm and more shovelling. Where to put it all…? Our leisure activities and travel has been reduced and that leaves us a lot of time to think about things.


That is not a bad thing really. Winter is all about going inward, hibernating in a way and conserving our energy. We can think about what we are doing in our lives and review where we really want to be. This is the real beginning of the year for us as we contemplate goals, dreams and desires. The pure white landscape and sparkle of sunlight reminds us of purity and gives us a blank canvass for a fresh start.


The day length has been getting longer ever since before Christmas and that gives us hope. This reminds us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you dress really warm and take a moment to look up from the shovelling, smell the freshness the new snow brings and remember that snow brings healing power to the earth.


The snow insulates our gardens and plants from extreme temperature fluctuations, provides needed moisture and nourishes the soil with nitrogen from the atmosphere. It also protects many small creatures and their access to food sources in the winter. Look carefully after a fresh snow and you will see many tracks left by wildlife that you may not even know live around you.


While you practice patience in this quiet time, pamper your health by eating warming cooked and nutritious foods. Use warming spices and reduce the damp forming foods like dairy, milk and fats. Keep your neck, feet and lower back warm to prevent the cold and damp from settling in. Curl up by a heat source and take time to rejuvenate your whole self in body, mind and spirit.


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