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Spring has Sprung but Have You?

Posted by Heart's Discovery on May 24, 2015 at 10:55 AM

Spring is the time of the wood element. For all of us the excitement mounts as the weather gets warmer and we can look forward to getting outside more. People, who are constitutionally “wood” types, like to be busy and will be especially anxious to break free of the confines of the winter cocoon to pioneer their new adventure. These folks will have well developed plans, be focused and ready to adapt and conquer any obstacle to obtain their goals.


The wood element corresponds to the liver and gallbladder, is east, the wind, green, shouting, angry, courage, tastes sour, controls the sinews and tendons, opens to the eyes and manifests in the nails. If balanced, you will feel supple, resilient and able to move like a tree, when the winds of change blow. You will be clear about what you are doing, what you want to accomplish and why. You will have energy, will power and determination sitting firmly in your circle.


If unbalanced, you may find yourself experiencing headaches, red, itchy or watery eyes, stiff tendons, reproductive problems, PMS or dream disturbed sleep. Mentally you may lose motivation, feel stuck, loose sight of the vision, and feel irritable and angry when things don’t go exactly as planned. The gallbladder is paired with the liver and if this is also unbalanced, you may feel more timid and indecisive than usual.


Now is the time, we are supposed to spring forth with renewed energy, however we should look to nature for our queues. It was a long winter and when we were meant to be resting and conserving our resources, we were instead shovelling snow. It is now the middle of May, the mayflowers have just recently bloomed, the buds on the trees have just transformed to small leaflets and even some crocuses are behind schedule.


The Spring of 2015 is in slow motion here in Nova Scotia. It would be prudent to relax a bit and gather your energy before tackling those big projects this season. Continue to dress warmly, keep a scarf around your neck as protection from the wind and hold off on overdoing the salads, cool drinks and fast cooked BBQ foods, for a bit. Continue to nourish yourself with immune boosting herbs and the slower cooked warming stews until you feel you are ready.


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