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Time to Celebrate

Posted by Heart's Discovery on October 31, 2015 at 10:10 AM

The colours of the leaves, in this part of the world, are glorious this time of year. The weather alternates between cool, warm, calm and wind signifying change is upon us. Fall is the Metal Element. Its colour is white. It governs our lungs and large intestines and it affects the skin, nose, water passages, mucous membranes, respiration and voice. The emotions associated with fall are grief and letting go.


Instead of slipping into sadness and regret, now is the time to be mindful of our blessings and take inventory of everything that has been accomplished. Like the full Hunter Moon we just experienced, everything has come to fruition, has bloomed, grown and produced its fruit. It is time to let go and celebrate. The landscape is a testament to that as it visually gives praise to the earth and its people for a job well done.


As we reflect and analyze, in the coming months, we are better able to see what can be improved or what was missed. Clarity grows like the ever-increasing crispness in the air as we examine our learnings, observations, acknowledgments and wonderment. Like the hardwood trees that shed their leaves, we have the opportunity to shed the things that no longer serve us. That gives us room for change.


As we travel inward over the fall and into the winter months, we need to rest and nourish ourselves. It is time for pungent, savoury, spicy and warming foods; socks to warm our feet; and scarves to protect our neck from wind. We need to restock our reserves so we will be eager and ready to embark on the next chapter of our journey with enthusiasm and hope as we edge toward the path of our true calling.


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