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Emotions - the Good and the Bad

Posted by Heart's Discovery on April 3, 2016 at 9:55 PM


Tonight I watched Extreme Makeover on TV. I like decorating shows and in this episode, a family in need were gifted a new home. How wonderful! Earlier I had been sitting out on the deck listening to loons and feeling peaceful and calm. Now that had changed. I cried my eyes out. I found myself feeling weepy and reflecting on more difficult times in my own past.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a measure of the ability to “manage” our emotions in a way that produces beneficial behaviour and optimal choices in decisions making. It consists of four abilities: identifying how others feel; using emotion to assist the thinking process; understanding the root cause of the emotion; and being able to manage the emotions.


Those with high EQ know what they are feeling, have good emotional self-control, are able to think clearly when experiencing strong emotions and are able to make decisions based on their hearts and not just their heads. This makes them better able to get in touch with their passions and find a path in life that is fulfilling.


Suppressing emotions makes it harder to find our life path. It can also make us sick. Our life force needs to be flowing appropriately for us to be healthy. Just as blockages in the flow of Qi from trauma can cause pain, extremes in emotions affect the flow of Qi causing Qi and blood stagnation, heat, dampness and phlegm. These patterns that can produce a long list of physiological imbalances and physical symptoms. For example:

  • Anger and guilt causes Liver Qi to rise creating symptoms such as headaches, high blood pressure, reproductive issues, vision loss and others issues such as depression and insomnia
  • Worry and pensiveness knot the Spleen/Stomach Qi resulting in possible digestive issues, weak muscles, fatigue, easy bruising, bleeding, varicose veins and other issues
  • Sadness and grief dissolve Lung Qi. This weakens the lungs and our immunity and can bring on respiratory issues, skin conditions and make us more vulnerable to colds and flu.
  • Shock and fear causes Kidney Qi to descend and dissolve. This along with overwork can cause weakened fertility, bladder problems, hearing loss, per-mature grey hair, sore knees and back
  • All emotions slow down the Heart Qi which houses the mind (cognition) and the Shen (the ruler of the Spirit). This may create anxiety and mood swings between happy, sad with insomnia

If you find yourself feeling strong emotions, get in touch with what you are feeling. Don't get busy doing “stuff” so you don't have to think about it. Don't blame someone else for feeling the way you do. Often we only see the shadow of the cause of our emotional imbalance when we see it reflected in someone else. Use the emotion as fishing line to see what else may be swimming around in the depths of your unconscious. Only you can allow yourself to feel the way you do.


Also our health can affect our emotions. The physcial, spiritual and mental aspects our our being are all connected. When you don't eat, get enough sleep or suffer from acute or chronic disease combined with the need to take drugs, these things can have an affect on our emotional balance.


The heart that is the governor. Our mind is just a tool and is not who we are. When we quiet our minds from the noise of our thoughts and emotions. When we feel our bodies connected to the earth and everything around us. When we connect to our interior self, sense the bigger picture and feel gratitude for what the universe brings us. It is then that we can know who we are. It is then that we can sense the things that inspire passion in us and are the markers that guide us in the direction of our true purpose.

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