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The Secret to Longevity

Posted by Heart's Discovery on June 2, 2016 at 5:45 PM

Time goes by so fast when you are busy. I wonder therefore if you age more quickly when you have a lot going on? I wonder if a person could stay younger, longer by slowing down and living more simply?


According to the “Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine (The Neijing)”, there were four types of ancient peoples that existed on earth, a long time ago, that lived very long lives and did not display the usual signs of aging. The Immortals lived the longest, followed by the Sages, then the Achieved Beings and lastly the Naturalists who lived to over one hundred years.


The secret of their longevity was that they “…lived simply…and close to nature…to prevent pathogens from invading”. They got their energy from nature and lived in harmony with the environment, seasons, sun, moon and stars. They preserved their life force by adapting to society without adopting or getting pulled in to popular, thinking, cultural norms, emotional drama, excessive living, ambitions or desires.


These folks were able to heal themselves. When they got sick they “…guided properly the emotions and spirit and re-directed the energy flow…to heal the condition”. If this did not work, they used herbs and herb-wines. Finally if a condition worsened, an accurate diagnosis with acupuncture and moxibustion, were used as an intervention to regain health and balance.


As a result of living simply, these folks also had remarkable abilities. They were able to travel freely outside the conventional view of time and space. They could see and hear far beyond what was considered normal. They were focused, accomplished much and kept a clear mind by integrating the mental, physical and spiritual with exercise, meditation, eating a balanced diet, at regular times and maintaining a pure conscience.


In Chinese medicine our life force or “Jing” and health is compromised by a weak constitution, emotional extremes, extremes in our external environment, overwork, inactivity as well as how, what and when you eat. This book (written approximately 2500 years ago) states “These days” people’s lifestyles have become detrimental to their health and they only live to fifty years of more. I believe this same statement is true today.


If we simplified our busy lives, got back to nature and focused more on what is most important to us, we would live longer and healthier lives. I am not so sure we would acquire supernatural abilities but we would probably find more joy and happiness.

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