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Time for Change

Posted by Heart's Discovery on October 27, 2006 at 7:25 AM

Great winter Eh! Not much snow, mild temperatures and the election campaign is keeping us entertained. At least some of us...I need to be more careful with my Spell Check. Instead of "election", I almost corrected the misspelling to say "ejection" campaign. However, I guess that is how it all started. The opposition wanted to eject Paul Martin. The pollsters say that people are looking for a change in government. I think the word "change" needs to be qualified. Does that mean a little change to the known political party or a big change to the unknown, little experience in governing party? Most of us are afraid of change. In fact we hate change. It really messes up our plans for the weekend.


I admire people who are change enthusiasts. These brave souls will step out into a new world without knowing what the future holds, with only their faith in themselves as an anchor to hold on to. I know some of these people. I work with a couple of them. They have a healthy integrity, know themselves well, connect with others and have the drive to live life. I have heard one of them comment: "You need to be true to yourself", "It is the right thing to do". I admire you guys!


Change has started in this workplace. Change is happening in our government. We want to know all the details. Will I have a job tomorrow? What are the leaders saying about the direction of this company? What do the news reports say about the election platforms and possible election results? Will we get stuck with Steven Harper as a prime minister who will change the face of our Canadian identity?


No matter what we try to do, change is necessary and imminent. Life would be terribly boring if everything stayed the same, wouldn't it? According to Marilyn Ferguson: "It's not so much that we are afraid of change or so in love wit the old ways, but it is the place between that we fear...It's like being between trapezes. It's Linus when his blanket is in the dryer. There is nothing to hold on to."


Therefore as we watch the results of this 2006 Federal Election, I suggest we get our blankets out of the dryer and place them on the floor between the trapezes. If Steven Harper is elected, that will give us something to fall on as we fly through the air with the greatest dis-ease.

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