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Hope Beyond "Trumpism"

Posted by Heart's Discovery on January 1, 2018 at 7:00 PM

“Trumpism” is uncovering, in a big way, what is wrong in the world. For too long we have “propped-up” a world of “false and superficial” peace that denies the existence of the darkness. W­e have all collectively played a role in this. The true face of humanity is not the beautiful picture we paint to possibly delude or absolve our consciences of the need for action. To bring about balance, we need to love and listen to the messengers who are expressing their pain. We need to allow the painful words to move us towards introspection of what is dark in us. Like yin and yang, we are both dark and light and the two must be in balance. “True” peace cannot come until all things are reconciled. This applies to both our internal life and our exterior world. In darkness we are negative, paralyzed and asleep. In light we are positive, active and awake. While darkness is growing, at its darkest hour, it will always flow back again towards increasing light. This is the nature of yin and yang. This is also our guarantee of hope.

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