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Now is the Time to Awake.

Posted by Heart's Discovery on March 1, 2017 at 10:55 AM

Signs of spring and the lengthening daylight are telling us it is time. It is time to awaken from the cold, hibernation, introspection and protectionism, and some aspects of fear, that represent the Winter-Water Element in traditional medicine.


We need to ready our hearts and souls for change. We need to begin or continue to question the norms, customs, expectations and beliefs that others impose on us. It is not easy to be who you really are. It is especially hard to break away from the constraints family and friends put on us, to be who they think we are, and should be.


We each have the power to change the world. We are not only inextricably connected to our physical environment as science outlines in quantum physics, but we are also one with the invisible consciousness of the universe. Therefore our thoughts and actions not only affect our own health but, the well being of others and how the future is manifested.


This is not such a huge burden, as it seems. If we look to how young children cope, we can re-learn how to be present, take each moment as it comes, be and do, what feels right in the moment. As long as we keep our hearts and minds free from bad thoughts and intentions, we can be assured, that our actions and words will flow from the best intentions. As a human being, that is the best we can do.


As adults who are awake, we feel hated and misunderstood. Some wonder if they were conceived on the wrong planet. You are the light that will guide the world and expose the darkness for what it is. You are needed now more than ever. You are not alone. Find your people.


If you are struggling, healing modalities that use a holistic (physical, emotional & spiritual) approach will help. Physical blockages can cause emotional and spiritual blockages and visa versa. Pain, for example, can be simple trauma or a multi-layered issue. Taking care of one-self not only allows us to be free-er, but our “vibes” will help heal those around us that we love, even when they don’t want to hear our opinions or accept what we believe :)


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