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Good Medicine?

Posted by Heart's Discovery on October 23, 2012 at 10:05 PM

Is there such as thing? When I was young medicine was always something that was good for you. Mom's were always plying their latest remedies like cod liver oil tablets, chewable vitamins or Vick's vapo rub.

Then there is the everlasting search for miracle drugs. Remember the movie Medicine Man. The jungle was combed for an exotic flower with amazing cures. I loved that movie because of the scenery, Sean Connery, and because, in those days, I was working in a pharmacology research lab. I was amazed how they could get that chromatograph to work in the jungle [:)]

One of the pharmacology PHD students, in the lab, complained about a headache one day. When I offered an aspirin or tylenol, she flatly refused. “I don't take any pills ever. You and I both know that there are bad side effects with every drug.” She would know better than anyone else and so would I.

Drugs truly save lives and prolong life. I spent many years in pharmacology research. I believed in developing new and better drugs. I still do however, drugs always have good wanted actions, bad unwanted side effects and if not taken in the proper therapeutic dosage range, for a specific situation in the recommended conditions, either didn't work at all or were poisonous and lethal.

As years went by, I wanted to be in a healing profession in a new way. As I prepared to apply to medical school, one of my children had bad migraines that nothing conventional was helping. Out of desperation, we tried acupuncture. It helped her. I tried it and it helped me. I then embarked on a quest to learn more and it changed my life.

I discovered, fell in love with and studied to become an Acupuncturist. Acupuncture as practised within traditional Chinese medicine is the “Good Medicine” I had been looking for. The results and side effects are always positive. Acupuncture fuels and facilitates our bodies own natural healing abilities.

Often I will treat a physical pain somewhere in the body and discover how other unrelated problems, also get better. As the pain goes away people often sleep better, feeling more relaxed, have more energy, better digestion, a better color to their complexion or feel less edgy.

Acupuncture is not just for pain. It can also increase fertility, improve libido [:)] , improve vision, relieve stress, heal mental/emotional problems and is really good for chronic conditions. The World Health Organization lists 104 conditions acupuncture can treat. If you haven`t tried it I highly recommend it. It doesn`t hurt like you might think. And guess what?, there is such a thing as “Good Medicine”.

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