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Remembering and Knowing What to be Grateful For

Posted by Heart's Discovery on November 11, 2018 at 10:10 AM

It is November 11, 2018 at 11:00am. We did not go to the Cenotaph this day but all the same my thoughts are focused on what this moment is all about. It is a time to think about those who cared about doing whatever needed to be done to ensure that we could live in the kind of democracy that we choose to live in. Some ultimately giving up their entire future life on earth. To that end it is imperative that those of us who remain witness to those sacrificed lives, take the baton and continue to protect those ideals that those folks died for. To do less would be a dishonour to them. I am both proud of the contributions they and others have and continue to make and feel sad that many of us could be doing better.

Those who died in service to their country gave that ultimate sacrifice but that should not overshadow the continuum of daily sacrifices that are currently being made by surviving veterans, active duty service men and women and their families. These folks continue tho make sacrifices that are often not recognized as they suffer with nightmares from horrific experiences, emotional trauma, relationship issues from long absences on duty, not seeing children grow up, not being there for the other spouse who is facing the home-front alone, mental health issues, financial issues, physical injuries and disabilities and lack of caring and acceptance from society as they struggle to assimilate with civilian culture. The list is long as these folks suffer in silence and often face uncaring neighbours, families, individuals and government officials who have no appreciation for what has been sacrificed or why they should be grateful.

Just imagine what our country would look like if good men and women did nothing and allowed evil to flourish unchallenged. This does not only happen in war but on many fronts in society and in subtle ways in our daily lives. Evil has many faces from bullying to discrimination to abuses of power by officials to denying the rights or not taking care of the vulnerable in our society, for example. We have to speak up always if we want to truly honour this day. Just look what is happening to the south of us. That could be us.

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