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Posted by Gwen Williams on March 3, 2009 at 11:47 AM

Over the past year or so, things have become more quiet here. The friends who were boarding, moved out and moved on leaving just myself, my daughter and of course the five "little ones". I have beeing very much at peace and have been resting and repairing.


The cottage needed some work. I put in new flooring (nothing expensive), put in a nice garden door by the fireplace (for winter protection & more light), bought a new leather coach and chairs (cats enjoyed that - no longer looks new) and had a new deck with a "bridge" built at the back of the house.


The "bridge" is a walkway that extends from the end of the deck, goes through the air into the woods landing 2/3 the way up the hill to the top of my driveway. This was my mother's idea and at first I thought it was strange but the idea grew on me.  Now I love it. No more scrambling down the hill in the winter snow. It is like sitting in a park with a walkway surrounded by trees. I also have a new view of the lake I had not anticipated.


I love the seclusion really but after a year of this, I am getting bored. So after much thought, I decided to go back to school. This should be the last time in my life that I do this once again. I truly am a life-long learner. I have chosen to study acupuncture. It fits my belief system and my desire to help others AND it is something very complex and deep enough to keep me learning for the rest of my life.


Peace and quiet will soon dissolve to peace and busy.

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