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A New Day

Posted by Gwen Williams on September 10, 2008 at 5:05 PM

Everyday the light on the leaves of the trees changes it's angle. The shadows get longer and the air gets cooler. Life goes on but it never stays the same.


Once I took a weekend job, the frequency of parties of teenagers dwindled. They had to start cleaning up themselves and some of them outgrew the parties. Some moved on to new friends.


It is sad but at the same time I am relieved to see them grow into maturity, getting jobs and learning to be more self-sufficient. Afterall isn't that the point of youth, gathering skills that eventually allow you to leave the nest.


One young friend moved in with us to stay as did an older friend of mine. We are now a family of four women, five cats and one little dog. Our home is truly a joyful one.


Everyone is welcomed here at our cottage on the lake. Truly it is a place of peace, acceptance and beauty. We are really blessed.

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