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House Full of Teenagers

Posted by Gwen Williams on March 15, 2007 at 6:05 PM

I have to admit I was not really looking forward to the March break. My youngest is home from school and our home is now a drop in center. It used to be just one party every Friday night but this is the 4th "sleep-over" this week.


I am pleasantly surprised however. I am actually enjoying it. These kids are really great people. I am learning about all sorts of interesting topics. They are just as adept (or more so) in carrying a good converation than many adults I meet. I learned that the video game (God of War) they play is actually based on actual facts from Greek Mythology and they showed me how to go about setting up this web site.


All but 1 of the 12 teenagers who come through this house (we call it a cottage), play 1 or more muscial instruments very well. They are creative and artistic. I allow some of them to paint on one of the large bedroom walls. My daughter and her boyfriend are among some of the best artists in thier school.


This week I am keeping similar hours as the kids, up all night and sleep during the day. Even though I natually gravitate towards solitude, I appreciate having them around. It is a nice change to have the house so alive!

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