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Posted by Heart's Discovery on December 24, 2013 at 4:35 PM

This has been a period of many changes. (In retrospect this was a period of GREAT and MANY changes from 2010 to 2013:

1. I was finishing up my 3 year training program in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. In 2009, my children had put me on a dating site without asking my permission. I was not happy about that. I loved my contented solitary life. However I was learning in Chinese medicine that it was not good to be alone, so I stayed on that horrid dating site. I didn't enjoy 99% of the interactions, tried to keep my profile "real" as to attract maybe the right person. On April 29, 2010, I agreed to meet someone. He had good writing skills and a sense of humour. I approached it like a business meeting but was surprised how much I enjoyed myself. We had a great connection, so much so that I re-examined my vow to never re-marry and married him on July 1, 2010. It was a surprise wedding for our families. It was originally planned as just a BBQ. That event created a whole lot of excitement and it is now a annual event for us.

On July 1, 2011, I celebrated my 1st anniversary of my marriage to a wonderful person. We have seen people move out, made changes to the house and property, changed careers, have persevered and won battles with health and neighbours. I am awaiting the birth of my 1st granddaughter and I have gained a whole new family with 3 great step grand-kids. The little non-humans in our household have held up well with all this change. They especially love their new "papa" because he is so good to us.

2. Renovations. We did many to the "cottage". New doors, new plumbing to repair the old and moved the entire system deep in the ground under the old cottage and up into the new section. Now we did not have to worry about freezing pipes and with the new wall under the front, we had more protection from the north winds. We did go the entire summer of 2011 and into the fall without any running water. We spent a lot of time in the lake...Good thing I love to swim. We built the clinic in the 2 rooms formerly occupied by children, friends and my mother. My mother moved in with me in 2009 and I covered up all the wonderful murals painted by the teenagers. I added a door with a separate entry and a deck on the northwest side for her to sit. After she left, we then changed the rooms again by joining them with a door to make a larger clinic. We finished up the renos with an expansion of the bedroom and creation of the laundry room in the old "cottage" section.

3. All my children ended up in Alberta. My mother who had moved in moved out again. In 2011, the house was left to just my husband and I. My first grand-daughter was born on August 15, 2011 in Calgary. What a wonderful child that has brought so much joy to my life. Even better my daughter and her finance moved home from Calgary in 2012. We have a big wedding coming up August 1, 2014 that will prove to be a great event AND in addition to a new step son, another grand-baby on the way!

4. I opened my Acupuncture Business the last week of September 2011, called Eastern Shore Holistic Acupuncture. The newly found empty spaces in our home was a perfect spot for my clinic. There were lots of renovations needed to create a parking area. We built a garage and as a result took down a small forest of trees separating the house from the road. I really hated to take down the trees and really struggled with that decision. The positive result is that my husband is very happy with the garage and there is more sunlight. Now I can have gardens again!

5. My husband was diagnosed with a serious illness in 2010, just 3 months after we were married. After surgery, radical western treatment, supported by my Chinese medicine, homemade tea and acupuncture, he healed. It was a year long battle of treatment and recovery that we have now been able to put behind us. With good health and a bright future ahead, we took the shock of the year's events, to create a bucket list "just in case". So we just did one more renovation needed for the clinic; stairs down the hill for better safety in the winter. Now our focus is back to the bucket list. The cottage will remain as is and we spend our time between garage, clinic and family.

6. March 29, 2013, my son got married in BC and resides with his wife, my new step-daughter in Calgary. The wedding was a wonder event in the mountains still draped in snow at that time. I am so blessed with an even further expanding family and it makes me so happy to see my children doing well and making their way in the world with jobs, homes, pets and children of their own.)

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