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The Code for Empowered Healing

Posted by Heart's Discovery on September 2, 2019 at 1:00 PM

Healing is about becoming whole balanced and being your true self in the world. It is a hard thing to do when how we perceive ourselves, is so biased by the social norms and culture of the people around us.

Then to top it off there are so many gurus telling us what we need to do to be healthy. They tell us what to do, how to act, how to think and that they have a special formula, secret or are experts we need to follow.

Yet we are our own experts and the way to healing is not beyond our reach, understanding or pocketbooks. When you boil down most of  the theories and teachings, the core message is the same. At the core is a Code for Empowered Healing to raise and naturalize your vibration.

The foundation for raising your vibration is good nutrition, clean air, being surrounded by good energy and loving supportive people. An attitude of being open to learning, being conscious of your mind's activities and being in touch with your soul self is key.

A solid foundation is what we build upon to heal ourselves and others by raising our vibration and our resonance with each other and with nature. Resonance is a common vibration where things move in unison so when something “resonates” with you, you understand and feel something in common with it.

The more we resonate with our true nature, others and the natural world around us the more balanced we become. We can tune our bodies with Qigong, tapping the meridians and acupressure points, deep breathing, body positions/movement and by using sound frequencies. Sounds that are in tune with nature will help get the wrinkles out of our own energy bodies.

Energy is the message sent by vibrational frequencies that communicates with us in profound ways. It allows us to sense things that we can't understand with our minds. It can tell our cells to heal themselves or cause us to affect and be affected by the energy beings around us.

Our mind is not who we are and we need to be aware that our mind is a tool that we need to command. Mindful meditation, journalling, positive affirmations and increasing our knowledge in the areas of energy healing, our own medical conditions, our symptoms (messages from our bodies) as well as using crystals, aromatherapy and colors, can help us take back any unhealthy wanderings of the mind.

Raising your vibration is the key. Knowing you are spirit expressed in a human body form, helps us to stay in touch with our soul self. Being in nature and being aware of our emotions helps us to keep in touch with that spirit. Forgiveness, releasing strong emotions, finding things to be grateful for, accepting difficulties as life-lessons and seeing others as your-other-self, builds compassion and connection to your heart.

The heart is the biggest energy center of the body that grows when you are think about the needs of others and/or are connected to your higher power, God and/or the universe. That energy radiates from your hands and allows you to heal yourself and others using visualizations, constructing detailed intentions and using modalities like Therapeutic Touch or Reiki (for example).

When body, mind and spirit, on a good solid foundation, are tuned to the higher frequencies, the healing power we possess is tremendous. It goes beyond time and space and can touch others and create ripples that can heal the world. That is the Code to Empowered Healing and the way you do that is your own path. You are your own expert.

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