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Posted by Heart's Discovery on June 24, 2018 at 11:30 AM

A Conundrum: A Perplexing Problem with no clear solution.

Perplexing Problem:

Why would a kind and gentle person, with a good and pure heart, who spends their days helping others, be viciously attacked and accused of vile crimes, again and again in every chapter of their life?'

Is it Karma?

They must have a karmic debt and done something for which they have to make amends from a previous life. Or a genetic debt carried by others in the persons family.

Is it Law of Attraction?

The person is in denial. Their heart is not not pure but filled with anger, hate and revenge and judgment. They attract the negative drama of people who resonate with their own pain.

Is it Yin-Yang Balancing?

This is inevitable. Everything needs to be balanced. The sky is darkest just before dawn. The greater the good and the light, the greater attraction of the negative and dark.

Is it Spiritual Maturity?

This is wrong perspective. Nothing is bad. Nobody can take away your peace unless you let them. See this as a an opportunity to dig deep and rely on source. Be the change and change the world.

Or is it Something Else?

What if the Accuser, demons and minions are not mythological? What if the one who is known to rule by deceit, disguised as good, was using people to cause this person to lose heart and give up?

The Conundrum:

Who would believe that evil beings exist? The truth has been lost in fake news, there is so much confusion where good is bad and bad is good, we empathize with “likeable” evil characters in movies, quantum physics tells us evil is just energy, popular spiritual culture promises that “you too can experience abundance, peace and happiness” with personal spiritual work and the messages of traditional religious teachings are just folklore. If evil beings are actively working on earth: how do we warn people about the cover-ups (listed above); that they need to find their armour, put it on and fight; that the spiritual journey is NOT pretty, NOT glamorous and you WILL suffer greatly; and that the attacks may come from those closest to you. This is not the news people want to hear but even though I beleive in the other options listed above, this too I know is true.


IS this person (mentioned above) supposed to believe that their suffering is because of Karma, their own negativity, nature's need for balance or their lack of personal spiritual development? Given the options above, No absolutely not! This is the Accuser's campaign to take out a formidable competitor who is helping others. This person is well-grounded enough to know, from many years of practice of having to don their armour repeatedly, that the extreme attacks of wrongful accusations, custody and temporary imprisonment, are a sign they are doing something right!


If you too are being attacked, hold your head high. Do not accept the accusations of others or your own mind. You are specially created and greatly loved just as you are. There is no need to despair because the Light of the World, the Deliverer understands (been there /done that), is there for you, has already won the war, and has legions of powerful angels and saints as backup waiting to help. Just ask.

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