Heart's Discovery

...Gwen Williams

Kind Words:

"I highly recommend Heart's Discovery Holistic Therapies & Acupuncture ... I recently had 4 acupuncture, sound therapy, therapeutic touch and aromatherapy sessions to get my body back in alignment and balance. It felt amazing, relaxing, and very special, and has launched me on a much needed healing process after a challenging fall and winter. (she) is a consummate professional, passionate about the healing resources she offers, caring, intuitive and a skilled practitioner. Before each session, she talks to you about your situation, your expectations, the processes involved, and lays out a course of treatment. I feel she has the gifts to light your way and gently guide and support you on your journey of healing and balance. She makes it clear it is your journey, and gives you faith that you can mobilize your inner strengths and resources to heal your body, mind and spirit. I will be back for regular “booster shots” for such. It is such a gift to have (her) on the shore." -Linda Bayers

"... it's always so satisfying coming for a session with you, I always want to linger. Thank you for such a pleasurable experience and treatment. Keep doing good things." WL

"...Thank you for many things. You are a wonderful ally and healer." B

"I did not realize how late it was as I was leaving your clinic. Thank you so very much for your gift of time. Especially today, on Christmas. You are always so very generous, also with your insights and your thoughts. I am very grateful for it all. Thank you! Best wishes." - U
"Thank you for listening and all your insight over the last few years. I really appreciate all you do to help me heal and move forward in my life. You have been so insightful, patient and accommodating with me..." - V

"(she) offers an incredibly nourishing experience, from the beautiful setting of her clinic to her deep understanding of Chinese Medicine, universal energy and what is required for deep healing." - M. Jollimore 

"Such a beautiful, peaceful location for healing; a charming, inviting clinical setting!" - The Spinners Loft
"(she) looks after the whole person. She is caring and her treatments help on so many levels. The heat, the sound bowls and aromatherapy make it all to easy to relax and feel comfortable, to let the healing begin. She treats the whole person, not just your symptoms. A beautiful person and location and calming environment." - CM
"I can't say enough wonderful things about ... her services. She is kind, caring and compassionate. She takes the time to really listen, and do a thorough assessment. It is refreshing to have a health care provider treat the body mind and spirit." - TJLisa
"Thank you for allowing me to share my struggles yesterday and validating my feelings.  It appears all those needles were right on target. I feel so much lighter today... Grateful that you came into my life." - US