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Profile Summary

I am passionate about caring for others as a holistic, alternative health specialist. I am registered as an acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, clinician and business owner. I have a strong background in science and research with extensive experience treating patients, counseling, managing people and leading projects in TCM clinics, clinical research labs, hospital settings, and long-term care facilities. My past focus has been caring for seniors, health promotion, scientific research, clinical studies and applied IT (information technology) as it related to health care. My current focus is helping people of all ages, with complex health issues, that encompass the emotional, mental and physical aspects of their well being.

Experience: Extensive experience working with people and managing projects in the areas of education, training, health promotion, scientific research, health care, information technology (IT) and the long-term care of seniors. Demonstrated success in the area of training and education; writing world-class IT curriculum, implementing a learning center using adult learning principles and developing quality organizational processes to meet the Software Engineering Institute standards.

Industries: Education, Training, Health Promotion, Curriculum Development (IT), Information Technology, Quality Assurance, Adult Learning Principles, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Long-Term care of Seniors, Social Networking Application Administration, Scientific Research Publication, Western Medical Research (Cardiac Anesthesia Pharmacology), Management of Clinical Studies, Telemedicine.

Communication: Excellent oral or verbal communication skills in English, report and technical writing, research and information gathering, document use, creation and editing, public speaking, teaching, facilitation and giving presentations.

Personality: Confident, mature, pleasant, professional manner and appearance, responsible, customer service oriented, a team player, people oriented, respects confidentiality, high level of integrity, relationship builder, problem solver, critical thinker, analytical, work well under pressure.

Work Habits: Self motivated, independent, multi-tasker, self-managed, learn quickly, on-time, detailed, organized, plans and prioritizes.

General Computer: Proficient with computer use, new technologies, keyboarding, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook),Windows, Internet applications, other word processing software, spreadsheet software, internet browsers, data entry and manipulation, numeracy, database creation and maintenance, web page creation, maintenance, network administration.

Other: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), First Aid

Employment Experience


Musquodoboit Harbour, NS 2011- current

Business Owner & Licensed Acupuncturist:

After completing a 3 year program in Acupuncture, I opened a clinic in Musquodoboit Harbour. As one of the best-known branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncture is used extensively and successfully all over the world. Acupuncture promotes health and is used to treat both acute and chronic illnesses by stimulation of specific points on the body, in many cases through the insertion of a filiform needle. See www.holisticacupuncture.ca


Musquodoboit Harbour NS 2007 - current

Owner, Network Project Manager, Administrator and Web Developer:

Created a web presence to enhance communication for an interactive Health Promotion Community called HPC Network on a Telligent platform; Later purchased a Ning license, designed, developed, created and administer a new HPC Network to enhance communication for holistic health practitioners; Now HPC Network develops websites for small businesses. See www.hpcnetwork.webs.com



Taught two years of student acupuncturists who graduated to become professional acupuncturists. CCATCM is a small-sized college solely dedicated to education in Acupuncture and TCM with exceptional teaching and curriculum standards and affiliations across Canada and China.


Halifax, NS 2007-2012

Weekend Supervisor:

Oversaw the staffing and running of a home for approximately 40 senior women to ensure they experience quality of life in a caring respectful environment; Provided direction to staff and ensure adequate, appropriate staffing; Executed the administration of all medications for residents; Managed all aspects of running and maintaining a large home; Provided reports and communications to weekday supervisors and administrator for continuity of quality care.


Halifax, NS 2006-2007

Senior Analyst - Learning Center Manager, Operational Excellence Group:

Created a Learning Center and training program to support effective learning;  Implemented organizational change by developing/implementing/training CMMI Level 3 processes; Created  Organizational Training with plans, processes, frameworks, tools, curriculum and trained facilitators


Halifax, NS 2001-2006

Senior Consultant - Software Quality Assurance Analyst:

Developed processes and project standards to meet CMMI Level 5 by leading process teams and providing training; Played a critical role in the successful external evaluation of Canada's first CMMI Level 5 organization; Developed organizational wide process improvements and received a "Visionary Award" for learning solutions;  


Halifax, NS 2001

Certified Technical Support:

Specialized in the system build and installation of Edit 6 software used in the creation of digital video for films; Built and maintained a network of computers including video editing systems and sound systems; Provided maintenance, support and training for the various computer systems and business operations


Halifax, NS 1999-2001

Telehealth Analyst & Software Quality Assurance Specialist:

Led knowledge management initiative and developed organizational processes for telemedicine development; Led the testing for new teleultrasound system for Alberta and supported physicians during implementation; Led a corporate wide Knowledge Management initiative and published 12 process documents


Halifax, NS 1997-1999

Project /Research Manager & Curriculum Developer:

Applied best practices in adult education and partnered with IT companies to develop and manage IT curriculum; Developed, published, maintained and improved Facilitator and Student Guides published by ITI; Led internal research, analysis and reporting on the effectiveness of ITI?s learning programs 


Halifax, NS - 1993-1996,

Halifax, NS 1984-1993

Research Associate & Certified Clinical Research Coordinator (CCRC):

Coordinated, developed, executed, analyzed and published research findings for basic research and clinical trials; Coordinated one large and several small clinical trials at the QEII Health Sciences Center; Developed, maintained and managed a cardiac anesthesia research laboratory at Dalhousie University


Guelph, ON 1982-1984,


Halifax, NS (summer student) 1980 &1981,


Truro, NS (summers, part-time, full time) 1976-1980

Research Assistant:

Executed, analyzed and published research findings for basic laboratory research projects in agricultural research; Provided technical support and statistical analysis (using SPSS, SAS) for various researchers and PHD students


Dartmouth, NS (summer student) 1974

Self-Employed (part of a team):
Designed, developed and executed a study called The Assimilation of Immigrants into Canadian Society; Designed, developed, conducted interviews and summarized findings from first generation Canadians; Participated in a Canada wide National Forum to discuss Canada?s multiculturalism and appeared on local TV

Education & Professional Development

HERBOLOGY 2014 in-progress - Western & Chinese Herbs with Christopher Hobbs (1.5 years)

VITAL PRINCIPLE  INSTITUTE  2014 - German Auricular Acupuncture and Low Level Laser Therapy (13 hours)

CASAROMA WELLNESS CENTRE 2013 - Aromatherapy Levels 1 to 5 (15 hours)

MELISSA BELLEFONTAINE  2013 - Zen Wellness Medical QiGong (8 hours)

CANADIAN COLLEGE OF ACUPUNCTURE & TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE  2012 - Conference: Pain and Integrative Medicine (8 hours)

CANADIAN COLLEGE OF ACUPUNCTURE & TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE  2011 - Conference: Acupuncture and Natural Therapies for Cancer Care (8 hours)

ST. JOHN AMBULANCE  2011 - Standard First Aid

SCHOOLS FOR ALL: PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER TO ALLEVIATE DISADVANTAGE  2010 - Keynote Speaker at National Conference: Knowledge Exchange Through the Web

CANADIAN PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION   2008 - Presented at Conference: Benefits and Challenges of New Technologies for Expanding Communications Capabilities


Courses completed included: History and Theories of TCM, Meridians and Points, Diagnosis, Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Terminology, Medical Microbiology, TCM Modalities, Internal Therapeutics, Tui Na Massage, Pathophysiology, St. John Ambulance Level 3, Professional Ethics, Clean Needle Techniques, Clinical Observation and Internship with a total of 2300+hours of training


  • Certificate for extraordinary work performing CMMI Maturity Level 3 Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) conducted at CGI. Your efforts will be invaluable as we continue to improve the software process environment, Jul.28/06
  • Certificate of Completion for Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement Training, Apr.7/06
  • Certificate of Completion for Introduction to Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Staged and Continuous v1.1, Apr.5/06 and Sept.17/04, Professional Education Series
  • Certificate of Accomplishment for ?contribution and participation as a valuable and dedicated Assessment Team Member in the 10 day CMM Based Appraisal for Internal Process Improvement (CBA IPI) conducted at Keane Canada Inc.? (process Maturity Level 5) Jun.26/03
  • Certificate of Completion for Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Assessment Team Training, May10/03

KEANE CANADA INC. 2001 - Certificate of Completion Productivity Management for Excellence in Project Management

DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY CONTINUING EDUCATION 2000 - Certificate of Completion Quality Assurance & Testing of Software (Distance Education Format)

PROJECT MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE MEMBER 1999 - PMI is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the methods of Project Management


  • Applied Information Technology (AIT) (9 month) Diploma with Distinction
    • The AIT program, for university graduates, provided a quality e-business education realized through the use of business problem scenarios-team projects that are based on industry-standard solutions for information technology. The courses included Relational Database Management with Microsoft Access, Microsoft Access Programming (Microsoft Official Curriculum), Fundamentals and Programming in Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0, Client/Server Operating systems with NT and hardware support, Novell Netware System Administration, Oracle Database Programming and Application Development (Oracle Official Curriculum), PowerBuilder Application Development, Career Development Skills, Internship and hands-on projects.
  • Certificate of Excellence, Microsoft Official Curriculum course, Creating and Configuring a Web Server using Microsoft Tools (Microsoft Internet Information Server 3.0)


  • Certified Clinical Research Coordinator (CCRC) Certification
    • Appropriate Degree required with 2-4 years hands-on experience and knowledge of the following: Study conduct and management: Develop and review clinical plans/timelines, clinical trial requirements, objectives, design, protocols; Inclusion/exclusion criteria, safety guidelines, monitoring tools/guidelines, study budget; Resource planning, development of recruitment strategies and tracking systems, supply acquisition, kick-off meetings, training/orientation of staff and team collaborators; Subject monitoring, shipment of biological materials, maintenance of drug accountability records, preparation/dispensing of drugs (product), review of case for completeness, subject screening/recruitment/enrollment, collection/management of data, submission of case report forms; Acting as liaison between sponsor and investigative sites, management/mentoring of staff and team; Initiation of investigator payments, manage/maintain study budget, site salary/payment negotiation; Study closure, identification of issues for follow-up, data lock-up, submission of regulatory reports, complete master file for long term storage; Regulatory requirements: Determine site feasibility, select investigators/sites, facility/staff qualifications, recruitment potential; Development and approval of case report forms, informed consent forms, regulatory documentation/obligations; Adverse events: Assist investigator in the determination of causality of expected or unexpected adverse medical events, documentation of events, implementation of actions for adverse events, reporting of events to sponsor, application for protocol amendments as needed; Maintenance of current knowledge of clinical research issues, regulatory requirements, issues in informed consent and adverse events; Informed consent: Implementation of all regulatory requirements, privacy regulations, protection of human subjects through informed consent, assessment of protocol adherence, assessment of adherence to Good Clinical Practice (GCP), identification of site deficiencies, performance/participation in audit activities, identification of misconduct, preparation of reports and monitoring logs; Laboratory/clinical activities

HEWLETT PACKARD 1993 - Certificate of Achievement for a course in HP5890 Troubleshooting and Maintenance, Jun. 29, 1993

RESTEK 1992 - Certificate of Completion for a course in Capillary Chromatography, Sept. 14, 1992

J&W SCIENTIFIC 1992 - Certificate of Completion for a course in Analytical Gas Chromatography, Jun. 8, 1992


  • Since 1962, CALAS has been working to eliminate inhumane and unnecessary use of animals in research. Working with a membership comprised of veterinarians, physicians, researchers, administrators and technicians, CALAS has achieved many successes in improving the care of laboratory animals in research, teaching and testing. Its goal is ?Elevating the standards of laboratory animal science to enhance animal welfare and excellence in research.?
  • Award of Merit in Continuing Education from CALAS, Jun. 4, 1991

ST. LAWRENCE COLLEGE, Kingston, ON  1991

  • Laboratory Animal Techniques (3yr) Diploma with Distinction
    • This was a 3 year long distance, independent study program equivalent to the now Veterinary Technology program. It has an excellent nationwide reputation for producing highly skilled graduates who fit easily into a biomedical research setting or a veterinary clinical setting. Our graduates leave with excellent scientific training, as well as the practical laboratory and veterinary technical skills needed in today?s workplace.

DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY FACULTY of MEDICINE SAFETY OFFICE 1990 - Certificate of Participation in the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) course

CANADIAN ASSOCIATION for LABORATORY ANIMAL SCIENCE 1990 - Certificate of Participation in the Clinical Pathology ad Hematology Workshop

DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY RADIATION SAFETY OFFICE 1989 - Certificate of Completion for the Radioactive Decontamination course


  • Bachelor of Science Degree (Agriculture) (4 yr) Honours Degree with Honours
    • The B.Sc. (Agr) degree program is a 4-year Honours science program designed to provide a fundamental education in the science of agriculture. The curriculum includes courses in the agricultural sciences, the physical, biological and social sciences and in the arts. Students can select courses that will help them prepare for professional careers as entrepreneurs, scientists, marketing specialists, financial managers, technical advisers or communications specialists. The courses included 300 and 400 level advanced learning in Biological Chemistry, Plant Pathology/Epidemiology/Morphology/Physiology/Anatomy/Taxonomy, Plant Micro-techniques, Insects, Fungi, Weed Science and Pesticides with applied topics and research.


  • Agriculture Degree Courses (2yr) Diploma with Honours  - 1980
    • This two-year program of studies provides the first 2 foundation years in preparation for a degree in Agriculture. It included 100 and 200 level degree credits in Calculus/Mathematics, Plant Science, Animal Science, Biology, Chemistry, English, Economics, Physics, Genetics, Ecology, Soil Science, Microbiology, Statistics and Computer Programming.
  • Biology Laboratory Technology (2yr) Diploma with High Honours -1978
    • This two-year program took a practical approach to laboratory technology, stressing a combination of practical skills and good basic knowledge. Students attain a sound background in biological sciences such as Bio-Organic Chemistry, Plant Pathology & Physiology, Botany, Ecology, Entomology, Microbiology, knowledge/experience in microbiological techniques, lab instrumentation, Computer Programming as well as Sociology, Statistics, Electrical Measurement, Light & Optics, Photography and Quantitative Analysis. 


Object-Oriented Programming in Java using VisualAge Student & Facilitator Guides, ITI Learning Systems Inc. November 1998. Written in collaboration with IBM's Java Tech Team from Toronto and Reilly North Carolina specifically Paula Lumby and Dale Nilsson.

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Interaction of Hypothermia and Fentanyl in the Enflurane Anesthetised Dog - Does Acute Tolerance to Fentanyl Develop, Anesth Analg 1990: 70:S140, 199