Heart's Discovery

...Gwen Williams

Wellness Packages

I use a variety of holistic and natural approaches to remove blockages at the energetic levels to balance mind, body and spirit. I then mentor others in self care for a life of continued healing.

The following will be available after all waves of pandemic have subsided. Goal = Low client numbers and exclusive bookings only for safety and maximum healing experience.

1. Wellness Retreat Package

Five-Day and Ten-Day Wellness Retreat Packages. 

Minimum stay is five days at the Abode. This includes daily holistic treatments and classes tailored to your needs.

This also gives access to the lake, boats and nearby trails.

2. Eye Q Treatment Program

A Wellness Retreat Package that specializes in Vision Preservation and Loss with which this clinic has specific expertise.

Please contact for more details, costs and availability.

Services included in the Wellness Retreat Packages:
The Code for Empowered Healing Class- Recharge your natural healing abilities using a combination of modalities for maximum benefit. Learn what is required for healing to occur and acquire techniques to help yourself and others.

By Appointment Only.

Exclusive Bookings.

Safe-Low Client Numbers

Feng Shui for Home & Business

Class- Ancient Practice for Good Energy & Good Fortune

Therapeutic Movement

Class - Maintain Health with QiGong or 5E Dance

Aroma-T Acupressure

Aroma Touch® with Acu-Point pressure,Tuina & My Essential Oil Blends

Energy Bath &  Balancing

Non-Touch Healing with Sound, Oils, Essences, & Therapeutic Touch®

Traditional Holistic Medicine

Nutrition class plus Powerful Puncture of Needles, with Diet, Herbs, Cups, Moxa
"Acupuncture is new to me, and I was a little nervous but (she) was very informative and made me feel very comfortable. She took the time to explain what she wanted to do, why, and what I can expect. I am now a true believer in acupuncture and will continue. I am feeling better than I have in a long time, thank you!" - JD